After successful certification your organisation will undergo several surveillance audits per annum. In order to continue to satisfy requirements and remain compliant the following activities need to be maintained, as such we will provide support in these areas:

We will issue a Key Date Schedule for the year ahead. Included in this will be information on upcoming internal audits as well as external audits.

We will facilitate a management review meeting chaired by your Top Management with key members of staff to ensure requirements of the scheme are being met. This would include reviewing company objectives and performance measures (KPI’s), audits, non-conformances, customer satisfaction, company resources as well as risks and opportunities for improvement.

This could lead to actions being set for management and staff members to complete within a set time period.

We will liaise with your certification body to determine mutually convenient assessment and ongoing surveillance dates.

We will perform internal audits on your behalf or assist in conducting internal audits on your management system processes to ensure compliance with the scheme requirements.

Prior to assessment and surveillance visits by your certification body, we will perform checks to ensure all records and registers are kept up to date. During this process if any action points are identified, we will raise non-conformance reports that can be addressed prior to audit.

During your third party assessment you will have a Carvell Compliance Consultant in attendance to support you.

We will be able to assist in addressing any issues that may be raised during the assessment.

Should there be any non-conformances that require changes to procedures (and associated documentation), we will work with you to develop procedures and train staff as required on the understanding of any new methods of work.

Should there be any revisions and/or changes to the relevant standards or scheme we will review all changes and support you in ensuring that your management system is always compliant.

We will host your Management System on our secure online document collaboration service. This allows for remote access to all aspects of your management system, and even has an app for iOS and Android.

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