Carvell Compliance have a proven excellent record of achieving scheme certification for numerous clients through several Third-Party Certification Bodies.

Our consultants can assist your business to produce and implement a documented management system to meet scheme requirements and train your staff on its use.

We can do this by the provision of the following services:

Guidance in the preparation of management system documentation to meet all applicable requirements of the preferred scheme.

Note: All schemes offered can be integrated – as such we can offer guidance in this also.

We mentor and train you to take ownership of the management system and its various processes and elements.

If required, we can train your staff as internal auditors.

We will perform internal audits on your behalf or assist in conducting internal audits on your management system processes to ensure compliance with the scheme requirements. This would be done prior to assessment by the preferred third party certification body.

We will facilitate a management review meeting chaired by your Top Management with key members of staff to ensure requirements of the scheme are being met.

This would include reviewing company objectives and performance measures (KPI’s), audits, non-conformances, customer satisfaction, company resources as well as risks and opportunities for improvement.

Following a full system internal audit, we will review any non-conformances raised and assist in addressing them.

Upon verifying corrective actions, closing out all non-conformances and addressing any other issues that may have been raised we will recommend starting the application process for your desired scheme.

We will liaise with your preferred certification body to determine mutually acceptable dates for assessment.

During your external audit you will have a Carvell Compliance Consultant in attendance to support your business through the assessment, we will be able to address any issues that are raised during the audit.

Should there have been any non-conformances raised in the assessment we will work with you to address them, close them out and submit evidence to the certification body.

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