ECA Consultant & Specifier Associate

The ECA has been a driving force in the electrical engineering and building services industry since its formation in 1901. Today, many organisations that are involved in improving industry standards and embracing positive change do so as a direct result of ECA involvement or alternatively engage with the ECA on an ongoing basis.

We are proud to be a registered ECA Consultant & Specifier Associate.

NQA Associate Consultant

The NQA provide accredited certification, training and support services to help you improve processes, performance and products and services. The NQA help organizations of all sizes perform better in quality, environment, energy, sustainability and health and safety management.

We are proud to be an NQA Associate Consultant.

BSI Associate Consultant

You know that bringing standards to your business has many benefits as well as getting you ahead of the competition. You also know that being independently assessed and certified gives you credibility and helps attract new customers. However, you may not have the resources, time or expertise in-house to achieve this on your own.

As a proud member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme we act as an independent consultant who can give you the expert advice you need. We can help you put industry best practice into place within your business. We can also support you throughout implementation as you work towards certification – sharing our knowledge of regulatory requirements and showing you how to stay resilient and responsive.